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How Do I Become a Reiner?

Reining is an individually judged event in which a horse and rider perform one of the eleven patterns set forth by the NRHA. Each pattern is made up of specific elements. They are slow small circles, large fast circles, 2 rollbacks, back up, lead changes, 4 spins in each direction and sliding stops. The horse's athletic ability, precision and willingness to be guided easily is scored in each manuver.

To truly understand what reining is, watch Dave run a complete reining pattern at a horse show by clicking link below.

click here to watch Dave Moore and Nu Docs Cash's winning run at the 2009 Florida Derby.

Click here to visit the National Reining Horse Association site

Click here to visit the Florida Reining Horse Association site

Click here to visit the South Florida Reining Horse Association site



One of the brilliant strategies put in place by the NRHA are the very specific levels of competition and eligiblities for both horse and rider. The system in place allows for beginning riders to show  against riders at their same level. By tracking accumulating scores and money won, horses and riders advance up through the divisions only as their capabilities and accomplishments increase.